The top baccarat game formulas that beginners need to know

Have you ever felt bored when you play baccarat games and lose to the robots or pay to the sites you play on? But today we have the baccarat formula to recommend to all your friends so that you can get some advantages on your way to play in the future.

Baccarat formula 5 lines
This formula is easy, the first step is to record the result of each round between Banker and Player by setting Banker equal to 1 and Player equal to 2 and save it. You can write it down in your notebook, you need to make 10 notes in total. After all 10 rounds have been recorded, on the 11th round, we start placing bets. It is better not to play more than 20-25 games this way, because if you go beyond that, the information may be inaccurate. This baccarat formula is suitable for players who want to profit from playing baccarat.

Compounding the formula
Although this is a very popular formula, it also requires a lot of caution and restraint. This is because without good restraint, you may lose even more. The formula is to bet to keep compounding when you lost a bet on the previous round, for example, if you lost a bet of 200 PHP on the previous round, increase the bet to 400 PHP on the next round.

Technical Formula
This technique requires knowing the percentage probability of winning or losing for each bet, regardless of whether it is a banker or a player, and the percentage of each bet is as follows.
Betting on the banker – 45.8597% chance of winning, 44.6247% chance of losing, and 9.5156% chance of drawing.
Players – 44.6247% chance of winning, 45.8597% chance of losing, and 9.5156% chance of drawing.
Always place a bet on one side – 9.5156% chance of winning, 90.4844% chance of losing.
Double Pi bets – 7.4699% chance of winning, 92.5301% chance of losing.

From the above numbers, it can be seen that the tie bets and bets on the pair card slots have a high chance of losing. Therefore, if possible, do not choose to bet on those slots often.

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